Legs, a duo from Oakland, recently released their second EP entitled s/t. Legs is comprised of Matt Bullimore and Jeffrey Harland, who were both members of The Dashing Suns. The duo has been “Legs” since January 2011, and have zeroed in on a big, muddy, sweeping sound that is a bit of a departure from their sunny, more poppy work with The Dashing Suns. Legs is one of the few bands who I would love to see in an arena or on a massive festival stage – their echoing walls of sound were simply made for big spaces. Check out “Don’t Say a Word” and “Shades of Grey”, featuring Amelia Adams on vocals below. The rest of the EP is available as a free download from Legs’ website.

Legs – “Don’t Say a Word”
Legs – “Shades of Grey”

Legs plans to release an extended version of s/t next year on San Francisco’s Loglady Records. You can also catch them live at the Uptown in Oakland on August 18, opening for San Diego’s Mrs. Magician.

Mrs. Magician, Legs
The Uptown Nightclub
August 18, 2012
9:00pm, $10