Back in February during The Budos Band‘s Noise Pop performance, we were pretty clear with the pleasure each of the opening bands brought us prior to the main act. This included Berkeley quintet Big Tree. Comprised of Kaila McIntyre-Bader, Anna Ghezzi, Dan Pirello, Luke Bace, and Matt Schory, Big Tree originated in Brooklyn in 2008 before packing up their van and heading west – succumbing, as they put it, to the pull of Northern California’s redwoods.

Big Tree released their second full-length, This New Year, in late 2011 and recently completed a video for the album’s second track, “Augury.” Directed by Michael Mizono, the video was shot at Marin’s Rodeo Beach with additional footage filmed at Easter Island. Check it out below.

The song itself showcases the sing-along catchiness much of the band’s material possesses, and provides a great example of McIntyer-Bader and Ghezzi’s vocal cohesiveness. McIntyer-Bader elaborates:

This song is about succumbing to forces so much bigger than you or me, whether it’s letting yourself fall in love or letting the universe tug you in a new direction. Augury is a sort of divination. I like to imagine the augurs of Ancient Rome fortelling the future just by paying attention to things most people forget to notice today, like the flight of birds and interpretations of our dreams.

According to their website, fall tour dates are imminent, with October 4th at The New Parish being the only confirmed show at the moment.

Big Tree
The New Parish
October 4, 2012
Time, Price TBA