A couple years ago, Austin rock band White Denim did a run-of-the-mill interview with CW Bay Area in which they discussed standard topics like their current tour and preferred recording process. Within the 4 minute video was a segment talking about the group’s collective love for vinyl. “There was a period of time where we were only interested in releasing vinyl,” says bassist Steven Terebecki rather innocently. “Just because it was more of an artifact and…more special.” Now, some may groan at the perceived cliched weight this statement could carry. After one spin through any White Denim album though, Terbecki’s words make complete sense.

Take their 2011 full-length scorcher D for instance. The impossibly catchy guitar riffs in “Anvil Everything” and “Drug”, and spacey, Floyd-esque psychedelia in “Street Joy” harken a similarity and honesty to the dusty records you (hopefully) first pulled from your parent’s collection, played, and realized that music can sound different when pressed on wax and spun under a needle.

The quartet recently posted two new (albeit very mellow) songs, “Gas on F” and “Darlene”, to promote their New York City shows next week but it’s also timely for this weekend’s San Francisco appearances. On Friday they help kick off the entire Outside Lands festival with a 12:05pm set on the Sutro Stage. Following is an official festival night show at Brick and Mortar Music Hall with support from Athens, GA’s Futurebirds. If you can’t make one, we recommend you try to make the other. To give you a taste of their rock-centric live shows, a somewhat different vibe than the two above tracks showcase, here’s a video of their recent Bonnaroo performance of “Drug”.

White Denim, Futurebirds
Brick and Mortar Music Hall
August 10, 2012
10:00pm, $15