Seabright, the solo project of San Jose’s Justin Morales, will fully release the album Children of the Sun on August 25. Morales has been making music since the mid-90’s, initially creating hip-hop beats with a sampler and a 4-track. Over time, his tastes evolved with technology, and the Seabright project was born when he realized he could do anything he wanted on a laptop. The tracks currently available off Children of the Sun are a shimmery mix of samples, synths, guitar, and layers of Morales’ reverb soaked vocals.

You can listen to “Beginning Over Again” off the album above, and stream or download the rest of the available tracks from Seabright’s bandcamp page. Also check out a video of “Sweep Away” below, featuring scenes from a 1960’s beach horror movie backed with Seabright’s track. The dark, grainy footage may not seem like the right match for Seabright’s modern, sunny vibes, but somehow it feels right.

Seabright plays The Ascension Records Fundraiser Music Fest August 18 in Oakland, along with Samuelroy and Strangers (who have a very difficult name to google). The two-day fest is a benefit for Oakland’s Ascension Records.

Seabright, Samuelroy, Strangers
The PAC House
August 9, 2012