monster rally - beyond the sea LP

Monster Rally is the sample-based exotica project of Ohio collage artist Ted Feighan, whose latest album Beyond the Sea is out now on Oakland’s Gold Robot Records. The album builds upon the sound of Monster Rally’s full-length debut Coral, with more melodic structure and artistic focus. There are a very limited number of LPs left for sale, all pressed on lava red vinyl.

Monster Rally’s brand new non-album single “Strange Creeper” is a vivid, four part instrumental movement, with distant sample loops carrying you into the unknown. Additionally, he recently participated in an interview about his audio and visual collage work with music blog Stadiums & Shrines, contributing an original track titled “Peru Suite (Andes & City)” as part of the site’s new Dreams series.

Feighan, who creates the cover art for many of his own Monster Rally releases, provided collage graphics on New Goth Gypsies, a new 7″ from Gold Robot label mates RUMTUM & Catamaran. He has also recently contributed remixes for the bands Seamonster and Princeton. Follow Gold Robot Records for more information on Monster Rally and other releases from the Oakland label.