NorCal-via-Iowa psychedelic blues rock outfit Radio Moscow is closing out its summer tour with a gig this Sunday night at San Francisco’s Cafe Du Nord. Following a January onstage meltdown in Iowa that left singer, guitarist, and creative force Parker Griggs without a band on the eve of his first tour of the year, he recruited bassist Billy Ellsworth (Red Octopus) and drummer Lonnie Blanton (Red Dog Revival) to fill out the lineup, and the reformed throwback power trio has since been on the road seemingly nonstop.

Griggs and company’s summer run kicked off up in Tahoe at the end June, and then wound all over the States and parts of southern Canada, before landing in the Bay Area for this Sunday’s grand finale. Joining Radio Moscow throughout have been Memphis “proto-punk and soul” band Dirty Streets and the legendary purveyor of liquid lights Mad Alchemy (aka Lance Gordon). Hayes Valley-born Coo Coo Birds will also jump into the fray on Sunday.

Since dropping their third studio album, The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz, last fall, Radio Moscow has continued to release a steady stream of material, starting with their previously unreleased debut album 3 & 3 Quarters, recorded in 2003 when Griggs was only about 17 or 18. The album, which came out in April, is a raw demonstration of Griggs’ beginnings back in Story City, Iowa–more garage punk than blues rock. Check out “About To Crash” below:

Radio Moscow also contributed two tracks to the January 2012 Alive Naturalsound compilation Where is Parker Griggs?, the title of which Griggs attributes to the Los Angeles label’s frustrated attempts to track him down at his rural Northern California hideout. “The Stranger,” one of the two songs, is a searing, foot-stomping blues jam in typical Radio Moscow fashion. Take a listen:

Radio Moscow, Dirty Streets, Coo Coo Birds
Cafe Du Nord
August 5, 2012
8:30 pm, $10 (advance)/$12 (door)