Birds & Batteries

Oakland-based Birds & Batteries have been and continue to be many things: indie-folk, Americana, electronic, pop — often all at the same time. For the uninitiated the thought of combining that many genres may sound like something dreamed up by a stoned high-schooler discovering his dad’s record collection for the first time. But B&B are not some randomly slapped together mess.

And unlike the wild concoction cooked up that very same stoned high-schooler on a quest to satisfy his munchies, the band has only gotten better with age. (Did that make sense? You know, like you would NEVER eat a peanut butter, sour cream and onion, jelly sandwich with Lucky Charms sprinkles dipped in chocolate fudge brownie ice cream now that you’re an adult, right? Right? No? Yeah… that actually does sound good.)

The point is Birds & Batteries are also really good, and here is proof:

Whoah, dude! I know, right? So where can you get a hold of this glistening, wonderful music to enjoy with your munchies? That’s easy. Birds & Batteries are playing at the Rickshaw Stop this Friday:

Birds & Batteries (record release party), Radiation City, Trails and Ways
The Rickshaw Stop
August 3, 2012
9pm, $10-12