When you’re a music fan, promoter, or musician in the San Jose area, you quickly get used to taking what you can get when it comes to venues. A lot of odd options have played host to shows over the years – bowling alleys, comic-shop stockrooms, arcades – but Capitol Drive-In is new ground.

That said, San Jose bands have become masters of DIY. Case in point: San Francesca at Tuesday’s GFP Drive-In Party. Presented by Grand Fanali Presents, the premier show presenter in the South Bay, known for fostering local talent, the San Jose Drive-In Party lured a cozy crowd to the Capitol Drive-In for the 2nd annual Drive-In Party on 7/24/12.

About fifteen people came out to see them — a pretty good draw for something so casual and that was only announced days before. Though the drive-in was a little more lively than usual (it was $5 double-feature night) there were still a lot of open parking spaces, and a lot of room to spread out. Most people came armed with blankets and folding chairs. San Francesca came with instruments. Hooked up to their car speakers, the band played a 20-minute acoustic set before the first feature began, and even squeezed in a shorter set in between shows (attendees who had not yet seen The Dark Knight Rises, playing on the screen next door, had to avert their eyes or position themselves behind a car so as not to spoil the movie for themselves). Though they’re usually a heavy band, their work took on a still, poignant quality in the new environs.

This, admittedly, barely qualifies as a review. But this wasn’t exactly a show – more like a gathering, really — and it was done in typical experimental fashion for San Jose’s music scene. Yes, San Jose has a scene. It’s not hard to find, you just have to know where to look — in places like bowling alleys, comic-shop stockrooms, and rusty drive-in theaters.

Step back in time and view our premiere of San Francesca’s latest single, “USSR”, here.