San Francisco based indie electro group Exray’s released a new album courtesy of Howell’s Transmitter last month and are already hitting the remix circuit. Trust a Robot is heavy in electronic pop beats that are both gritty and up-beat. Its title is an ode to its futuristic narrative, and its music tells a story like a beautiful dystopian science fiction novel. Each track offers a new experimentation or exciting foray into a defining sound or lyric. A few twists surprise the listener from time to time, but always in a welcoming and fitting way. It’s an adventurous and ear-pleasing record.

So it’s no surprise that the group partnered with Ghostly International producer Zach Saginaw, aka Shigeto, to remix one of the record’s tracks. In his version of “Yellow Light,” Shigeto’s percussion takes over and you are entranced by aggressive beats and the lyric-less rhythm of the song.

Close your eyes, it’s dark. You’re trapped in a small enclosed chamber on a space ship in a galaxy 10,000 light years away. You’re not sure how you ended up there, or why, but you look around you and your only companion in solitude is a walking, talking robot. Trust him.

Shigeto & Exray’s – “Yellow Light” (Remix)