As a full-time environmental activist and musician, I’ve always had a real soft spot for Parks and Records — an indie label whose mission is “To support original music while helping protect the parks that we love.” With bands like Silian Rail (favorite parks: Joaquin Miller ParkEno River State Park) and Shuteye Unison (favorite park: Humboldt Redwoods State Park) on the roster, though, you don’t necessarily have to even give a shit about the environment to find plenty to like.

Which is why you should come out to the second Parks and Records Festival on August 9 at Bottom of the Hill. The show will feature both Silian Rail and Shuteye Unison, plus another stellar Parks and Records band, B. Hamilton (favorite parks: Big Basin State ParkJoshua Tree). “It’s going to be an awesome night,” says label founder Jon Fee (who is also a member of Shuteye Unison). “We’re stoked to have these bands help us celebrate.”

Do you want to help Parks and Records celebrate, too? Email us at with the subject line “Parks and Records Tickets” and your full name in the body for your chance to win a free pair of tickets!

Hear all three bands playing the fest, as well as several other tracks from Parks and Records bands, right here:

Silian Rail, Shuteye Unison, B. Hamilton
Bottom of the Hill
August 9, 2012