I walked into Studio SQ for the first time as a musician, not as a video profiler, and I was in awe. The tracking room is a thing of beauty, with its rack of guitars and its grand piano, plus all the synths and keyboards and effects pedals and drum kits and all of the other incredible equipment just sitting there, gleaming, beckoning to anyone who makes music to come and play, come and create.

Yeah, I’m waxing nostalgic and poetic at the same time here. It’s that kind of place.

For questions or booking contact John Flores or Jeremy Rosenblum.

Many thanks to John for being kind enough to take me and my camera on a tour of his magnificent facility. Some vital statistics on the studio are after the jump.

Also want to give a shout out to the bands whose music I used in the video. These are the songs in the order they appear — all were recorded at Studio SQ:

Studio SQ

Date founded: September 2007

Staff engineers: John Flores, Jeremy Rosenblum, Justin Sachs, Greg Francis

Other engineers: Phil Manley, Joe Finocchio, Robert Cross

Bands that have recorded there: Ray Manzarek (of The Doors), Two Gallants, Evan Reiss (Sleepy Sun), Religious Girls, Il Gato, Cannons and Clouds, Blank Tapes, Valve Software, Mistah F.A.B., Jonas Reinhardt, The Endangered, Le VICE, French Miami, Mi Ami, The Frail

Studio Line: 415.401.7871

250 Napoleon St. Suite H
San Francisco, CA 94124

Email: booking@studiosq.com