Oh hey, San Francisco, Two Gallants are a-comin’. Yes, for Outside Lands, plus an Outside Lands night show at Rickshaw stop, but also with a brand-new, awfully promising sounding album, The Bloom and the Blight, out September 4 on ATO Records.

This is the first release from the San Francisco duo in five years. And they’re back with something of a vengeance from the sound of it. While the previously released single “Broken Eyes” spoke to the group’s folk and blues-tinged past, this new single, “My Love Won’t Wait” has a harder, grungier, raw-garage-rock sound. Per a statement from the band, this album acts as both a catharsis for a rough few years, and a throwback to the kinds of music the two listened to and played while growing up in San Francisco.

The track is also featured in a trailer for The Bloom and the Blight, released on September 4. Showing the band hanging in a New York dressing room, cruising the waterways around Manhattan, and playing live, the sampled tracks speak of very good things to come.

You can download “My Love Won’t Wait” in exchange for your email address (enter below) and watch the trailer for the album, as well.

Two Gallants, Outside Lands Night Show
Rickshaw Stop
August 8, 2012
8 pm, $20

Two Gallants are also performing at Outside Lands on Friday, August 10.