San Francisco MC Z-Man is a busy dude. He’s already released two albums this year, opened for Snoop with his group One Block Radius, toured Europe, and still plans on releasing three or four additional albums this year. Oh, he’s also a painter who will have his work exhibited at the Black & Brown Social club in the Mission August 4. Z-Man has been making music for over 20 years, but he is still sounding as fresh, crazy, and inventive as just about anyone making hip hop today.

Below, you can watch his awesome video for “Suicide is Played Out”, which is off of his most recent release, a collaboration with producer G-Pek entitled In Case You Forgot. In the video, he dismisses suicide as a way to get attention via a giant cell phone, and the end result is oddly hilarious and uplifting. You can also stream the “The Garden” off Z-Man’s collaboration with White Mic of Bored Stiff, where he and White Mic rhyme over Alexander’s “Truth” (and do a much better job than RZA, in my opinion).

Z-Man’s most recent albums are all available for stream or download at the following locations:

The Vegetable & The Ferret (Z-Man and White Mic of Bored Stiff) – The Garden
Z-Man and G-Pek – In Case You Forgot
The Gingerbread Man (Z-Man’s alter ego) – Powder Music

If you can’t get enough of his albums, Z-Man will perform at the Elbo Room July 30 with Lroneous, BPos, and DJ True Justice.

Z-Man, Lroneous, BPos, DJ True Justice
Elbo Room
July 30, 2012
9:00pm, $7