Sonny and the Sunsets have put out a video for “Pretend You Love Me,” the lead single of June’s stellar Longtime Companion. The video, shot and directed by Sonny himself, along with Ryan Browne (who has also worked with The Sandwitches, Wymond Miles, and more), has a dreamy, home-movie quality to it. Various images are strung together, including (but not limited to):

– a guy asleep on the street with a cowboy hat
– a guy making bacon wrapped hot dogs
– Sonny eating a hot dog
– creepy dolls
– slow-motion cartwheels
– a guy wearing a luchador mask
– a guy luchador mask trying on a cowboy hat
– footage from the Huichica Music Festival (including Sonny’s against-the-rules swim)
– fog
– the band hanging out
– the band playing music

Watch the video below: