On September 25th San Francisco dance-groovers Tussle will release their fourth studio album, Tempest. It’s the band’s first effort since 2008’s Cream Cuts and was recorded in Glasgow and produced by DJ Twitch, one half of the legendary Scottish DJ duo Optimo. Huge fans of the Scottsman’s music, Tussle reached out to Twitch wondering if he was actively looking for new projects and, upon getting the “yes” they hoped for, shot across the pond to record.

Our first glimpse into what went down is the track “Eye Context”, which you can hear below. Clocking in at six and a half minutes, the instrumental banger wastes no time layering hints of trance, tech-house, and synthed-out loops. Throw in hand-clapping and referee whistles underneath it all and there’s your party. Think signature climactic scene in a Guy Ritchie film.

Tussle’s recording process for Tempest was significantly different than that of any previous album. Many of the album’s tracks began simply as drum machine sequences before falling into the hands of DJ Twitch. Additionally, the band lost member Warren Huegel, and the quartet is now Tomo Yasuda (bass), Nathan Burazer (samples, synths), Jonathan Holland (drums, samples) and Kevin Woodruff (drums). There are no live dates scheduled for now, but that’s likely to change as we get closer to Tempest‘s release.