The Fresh and Onlys

If you’ve never heard of the Fresh and Onlys it’s not too late to get to know them. One of San Francisco’s favorite bands for four-going-on-five years, the Fresh and Onlys are busy, you know, gathering fans in and out of city borders and making Pitchfork fall in love with them, upholding the Bays’ musical legacy with their stylized psychedelic sound. We’ve got everything you need to know to get you caught up in time for Phono del Sol tomorrow, 7/21/12 (get your tickets now!).

Year formed: 2008

Sounds like: Their facial hair.

An insufferable music snob would describe them as: Morose fuzzmasters swaddled in a haunting blanket of 60s surf rock.

In a burrito, they’re the: Sour cream. Smooth and calming, but also a little tangy.

If some guy at your friend’s party who didn’t really know what he was talking about (but really wanted to make out with you) were to sum them up, he’d say: “Dude, they’re like, if The Beach Boys and The Pixies had a baby – wait, no, hold on – they’re like if the Beach Boys and the Pixies and the Velvet Undergound had a baby, and then you put that baby in a blender, and put some Metric on top.”*

If they were an off-the-beaten-path San Francisco landmark, they’d be: The Camera Obscura.

If you’re still confused about what they sound like, you can catch them at Phono del Sol on Saturday for a clearer picture. They’ve got a new LP, Long Slow Dance, coming out on September 4th, and will begin touring in support of it in late summer.

In the mean time, fast-forward to the weekend with this teaser for their new album.

*They don’t really sound like the Beach Boys at all. This hypothetical bonehead is misinformed.