Judgement Day by Riki Feldman

Now that you’ve learned that, even though it looks weird, ‘judgment’ really is spelled like that, we’d like you to meet Judgement Day, a string-slaying, big-haired metal band from Oakland (assuming you haven’t met them already — they’ve become kind of a big deal in the last five years or so). We’d also like you to know that they have a new album, Polar Shift, slated for release at the end of the month (7/31/12).

The album marks a departure from their past work, or so says violinist Anton Patzner in a video released in late May. “You might know us as a pretty loud, heavy, distorted type of band, but the new record sounds a little bit more like this…” he says, as the audio cuts suddenly to a few seconds of a snappy, upbeat track.

The album will be released on Minus Head Records, and will be available on iTunes, CD, and vinyl. Judgement Day are currently touring California in support of it, and will tour the United States in the fall.

Check out their creepy and hypnotizing video for “Klagenstuck” below.