Purity Ring

Over the past year and a half, Canadian future-pop duo Purity Ring have been generating a lot buzz with a string of flawless singles leading up to the release of their debut album, Shrines. Well, now the wait is over, and Shrines will be officially be released July 24th on 4AD. Purity Ring will be performing at Bottom of the Hill on September 3rd with Headaches and Evian Christ.

Both former members of the Canadian avant-garde pop collective Born Gold (formerly known as GOBBLE GOBBLE), producer/percussionist Corin Roddick teamed up with vocalist Megan James to create a new project of experimental, yet extremely accessible, electronic pop. From the first 30 seconds of their debut single “Ungirthed” and onward, bloggers, critics, and fans alike were hooked on the new sound. The combination of Corin’s beats, inspired by hip-hop, R&B, dream pop, and even witch house, paired with Megan’s innocent, albeit dark songwriting makes for ear candy that doesn’t sound quite like anything we’ve heard before. Watch the new video for “Fineshrine” above.

The duo’s forward-thinking innovation continues onstage. Corin plays a handmade, tactile instrument of his own invention, which generates both light and sound. The handmade clothing they wear on stage is all designed and stitched by Megan James herself. They often bring a gong onstage as well, offering a symbol of traditional, spiritual transcendence juxtaposed against their futuristic, almost alien pop sounds.

Following an appearance at the FYF Festival, Purity Ring will be headlining two performances at Bottom of the Hill on Monday, September 3rd. They will be joined by two fellow Canadian electronic artists, instrumental hip-hop producer Evian Christ, and Headaches, the solo electronic project of Landon Spears. Presented by PopScene, San Francisco local DJ Nako will be spinning between sets. Tickets are no longer available for the 9:00 pm show. Luckily, an afternoon show was recently added, with an identical lineup of performers beginning at 5:30pm.

Purity Ring, Evian Christ, Headaches
Bottom of the Hill
September 3, 2012
5:30pm (afternoon show)/ 9pm (Sold Out)