Ty Segall

Ty Segall is a man of his word. The local garage rock revivalist has announced his third (and final) record of the year, Twins, will be available October 9 — just eight months after he promised the indie blogosphere he would make three albums in 2012 and just a couple of months before the Mayan calendar ends.

And with his third release, Segall will return to San Francisco for his third local show of the year (at least — a quick search of Google and previous press releases shows he played The City in March and May): October 14 at the Treasure Island Music Festival.

Dude has been on tour nonstop since releasing Hair, his collaboration with White Fence, which sent him around the states once, before he embarked again in support of Ty Segall Band’s June 26 release, Slaughterhouse, which will send him through Europe.

No album art or track list yet. Stay tuned.

Ty Segall
Treasure Island Music Festival
October 14, 2012
$129 (2-day), $75 (1-day)