This year’s Phono del Sol lineup has all kinds of stellar local bands to get excited about, and Sea of Bees should definitely be one of them. Sacramento-based singer-songwriter Julie Ann Bee has a serious command over her guitar, and a warbling, depthful voice that captivates as it seduces.

I was blown away by Sea of Bee’s set at the Huichica Music Festival back in June — Julie Ann Bee may be slight, but she has a stage presence that’s not to be trifled with (and man, I really dig the white lightning bolt on her guitar strap). Her music manages to be both easy to listen to and deeply affecting; so, it’s basically perfectly suited for outdoor listening.

The band also recently released a new music video for their track “Gone,” off their album Orangefarben, (which came out in May). Check it out below, and be sure to get yourself a Phono del Sol ticket stat! It’s a day you won’t want to miss out on.