If you’ve had any trouble keeping up with the prolific output of local Berkeley musician Dan Casey (Yalls, Steezy Ray Vibes, Daniel Sex Jr.), don’t worry, Dan has you covered. Last week’s surprise release of Yalls II compiles all of the rogue singles Yalls has released through various digital outlets following last year’s eponymous debut compilation tape on MJMJ.

Some of the tracks from the Yalls II collection have previously been featured on compilations from blogs and labels including Crash Symbols, Cultus Vibes, PORTALS, and West In Dust. Yalls II also includes the unreleased single “INJR.” Stream/download the entire collection via Bandcamp.

One of the most significant aspects of the Yalls II release is the unveiling of his alter-ego Daniel Sex Jr. Dan had kept this project anonymous up until now, because he thought it would be fun to toy with the idea of a secret side-project in order to explore new styles. The experiment worked, as the first single “All the Way Down” quickly gained the attention of high-profile DIY music blogs such as YVNYL and Decoder.

As the man behind the Daniel Sex Jr. curtain, Casey’s credibility as a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/beat-production wizard remains intact. Whether Yalls focuses on an instrumental hip-hop beat (“Too Long”, “Grand Entrance”), a heartfelt ballad (“Truth”, “Sayfixed”) or a left-field pop jam (“Dark End Light”, “Vapid Glitch Glow”), Dan’s signature style remains… funky alien grooves with a deeply human touch.

While Dan may phone home to New Jersey once in a while, he’s enjoying life in the Easy Bay, frequenting Bay Area venues and nightclubs to perform crowd-pleasing live shows and DJ sets. Check out our recent interview with Casey, where he explained the differences between Yalls and his acoustic side-project Steezy Ray Vibes.