Electro super producer Raleigh Moncrief is in the studio again and on the verge of releasing a new EP on Anticon Records. In the meantime, the producer, who’s worked with big name Dirty Projectors, released a track featuring one of their ex members.

“Beyond the Neon Lights” (see below), features singer Zac Nelson and former Dirty Projectors’ contributor Angel Deradoorian. You’ll find this track somewhere between chillwave and intense electronica. Soothing yet fast paced, it’s hard to turn you ear away from its entrancing beats and stimulating vocals.

I’m not sure if San Francisco can stake its claim on this Sacramento based rising star, but we’d certainly like to. Raleigh was recently on tour with Man Man playing dates primarily on the East Coast. But stay tuned, after his EP release we’re hoping he’ll play some shows in the bay area too.

Raleigh Moncrief – “Beyond The Neon Lights”