For local bands, high budget music videos are fairly rare. Perhaps they have some friends in film school or a very generous music label, but Oakland post-punk/new wave band Tremor Low pull out all the stops for their new video “Kingmaker,” off their 2012 EP of the same name.

Directed by the Perez Brothers, the HD video includes the band performing along with a visual narrative of a young women at a therapy session being stalked by a demon ghost that looks suspiciously like Voldermort. The Perez Brothers describe it as “a Freudian reimaging of The Exorcist.” Whatever you want to call it, it’s definitely creepy. Check it out below.

Tremor Low performs on Wednesday, July 18th at The New Parish.

The Hundred Days, Fake Your Own Death, Tremor Low, The Blank Tapes
The New Parish
July 18, 2012
8pm, $3