Indie hip hop fans, take note: Le VICE is set to self-release their new album, Neverland, on July 17.

I say “indie hip hop”, but that doesn’t quite capture it. The band’s sound is representative of the SF music scene in all its diversity. I’d try to explain it, but here’s what their press release says: “Le VICE is an Indie Hip Hop and R&B band that’s really an Urban-Indie-Rock- Electro-Funk-Hip Hop-Pop band.” I can’t really think of what else I could possibly add to that.

And to hell with it anyway. Just listen to one of the tracks from Neverland, “Find You”, and decide for yourself:

Le VICE – “Find You”

Le VICE’s self-titled debut got some heavy spins on college radio, but now the band is setting its sights higher. “We got the talent and the drive, and this project murks our last one,” says front woman Alex Lee. “It’s only a matter of being seen by the right people and I know we’ll be competing with the big homies.”