The Babies is the side project of both Cassie Ramone of Vivian Girls and Kevin Morby of Woods (with help from friends Brian Schleyer and Justin Sullivan). They combine the lo-fi pop of Woods with the Spector-esqe reverb of Vivian Girls and add an unbridled energy to create a sound light years from either of those bands — a kind of youthful, pre-pubescent punk rock complete with skinned knees, stringy hair, and Kool-Aid stained lips. Their songs have a haphazard charm with back-and-forth boy/girl vocals that make them catchy and addictive.

Here’s a live version of their s/t LP opener “Run Me Over“ at a secret show at The Cake Shop (rumored to close, sadly) in New York last April.

And here’s an adorable live version of “Breakin’ the Law” at the Knitting factory. Who doesn’t want a partner in crime?

The last time this Brooklyn band was in SF was early 2010 when Ramone and Morby sang into laundry-wrapped microphones at Li Po Lounge. They also played a house party in Oakland and a couple of shows in Seattle and LA. Since then they’ve been pretty silent on this coast, except for a few shows earlier this year in Southern California, but have failed to show love to the Bay until now. Here’s your chance to see them, because you need to. Really.

They will be touring again this fall, though, in support of a forthcoming second LP to be released on Woodsist.

The Babies, Pamela, Love Devotion
Hemlock Tavern
July 11, 2012
9pm, $8