San Jose’s San Francesca have a new album out on Side With Us Records called We Live In Public, and they’ve just dropped this video for the album cut “USSR” — exclusively on the Bay Bridged.

The band says that the sound they were trying to capture with the new album was “something frantic… what it sounds like to live in a world where you have 1000 things competing for your attention.” So it’s no surprise they filmed the video for “USSR” in San Francisco’s bustling Union Square: “The idea was to capture the sort of frantic energy of the city, where a million things are happening at the same time.”

We Live In Public is the band’s first release with a full-time drummer. Now a three-piece, San Francesca is making some layered, textural music that doesn’t fit easily into any genre categorization. But, if I may, I’d say that fans of Drum’s Not Dead-era Liars will find plenty to love here. It’s dark, droning, and minimalist, with flourishes of indie rock and hip hop — but above all, it’s just kinda weird and mysterious.

“With so much of indie rock focused on recreating sounds of the past, we’d rather try to make something that sounds more futurist,” says the band. “We try to incorporate different genres into what we’re doing, to create something unique in the crowded indie rock scene.”

San Francesca is planning a tour in the Fall. Stay tuned to for updates.