When we sat down with Midi Matildaa few weeks ago to talk about their music they teased an upcoming video shoot they were headed to Vacaville to film the next day. Instrumentalist/percussionist Logan Grime boasted about an open flatbed truck they’d be playing live music on while driving in motion through the back fields of Vacaville.

I remember myself saying “That can’t be safe”. But fearless Midi Matilda was unphased by my concern. While I’m not a proponet of any band risking their lives or safety for the sake of their music, I have to say the video did turn out pretty ridiculously cool. Grime and co-bandmember singer/instrumentalist Skyler Kilborn are decked out in neon wayfarers plowing through a cornfield with their guitar and drums, playing the track while the truck moves at what looks like at least 65 miles per hour. That scene is juxtaposed to the pair stylishly garbed in Blues Brother-inspired tuxedos playing on a grand piano and a touchscreen guitar beneath dramatic lighting. (Filmed at Expression College in the East Bay.)

The video, for latest single “Love & the Movies” suits Midi Matilda’s strategy of releasing music and video together to give their listeners and fans a complete experience. As Grime puts it, “I think that was the idea… to do something where people if they don’t even like the song they can connect to the video and still get something out of it. If they like both then hey, that’s twice as good.”

So by that logic, if you don’t like the video (not likely), you’ll probably at the very least like the song. Or, you’ll like both, and that’s twice as good.

“Love & the Movies” is another catchy synthy hit from Midi Matilda that will only bring more praise for the quickly rising Bay Area bred group.