Sondre Lerche, Norwegian pop maestro, puts on a hell of a live show. So much so that he has long avoided putting out live recordings, fearing that any recorded capture would do “injustice to the chaotic intensity of simply being there.”

Kinda hard to argue with. But, Lerche has managed to look past these trepidations — on September 4, he is releasing Bootlegs, a 10-track collection of live songs recorded at the Hulen in Bergen, Norway, and at a variety of Brooklyn clubs during his previous tours. The tracks were recorded solely using the soundboard and the venue’s space, in an attempt to give a sense of the “raw as fuck” experience of being onstage, or in the crowd at a show.

But wait, there’s more! September 4 also marks the release date for reissues of his first four albums, Faces Down (2001), Two Way Monologue (2004), Duper Sessions (2006), and Phantom Punch (2007). All four albums will be available on vinyl for the first time, and include a number of bonus tracks.

As for that live show reputation? Mark your calendars and plan on catching Sondre Lerche at The Independent on September 20th. For now, check out a live version of “Two Way Monologue” below, and the full tracklist for Bootlegs.

Bootlegs Tracklist:
01. When The River
02. Airport Taxi Reception
03. Private Caller
04. Two Way Monologue
05. My Hands Are Shaking
06. Domino
07. Phantom Punch
08. Go Right Ahead
09. Sleep on Needles
10. Modern Nature

Sondre Lerche
The Independent
September 20, 2012
8 pm, $15