Orthodox Christian iconography and bong rips are having another baby. San Francisco’s heavily drugged and droning doom-metal duo, Om, are set to release the followup to 2009’s God is Good. And they are giving fans (along with those of you too stoney baloney to keep Googling) a six-minute taste of the forthcoming “five-song suite,” set to drop July 24.

Advaitic Songs is the name of the Drag City release. The word Advaitic has something to do with this, I think. Far out, man.

None of this is really meant to be tongue-in-cheek, even though I’m a cheeky blogger. I really dig Om, just as I dig the South Bay stoner metal band from whence they spawned.

Listen to the leaked track, “State of Non-Return,” below. It’s a real sludgy, creeper — all fuzz, bass and resonant strings. A reminder of our mortality.

Om – “State of Non-Return”

When you’re done listening, say some Hail Mary’s… or recite the Holy Rosary — something! Whatever it takes to bring Om home (heh… rhyme). They are touring Europe, but so far have no local shows slated.