Black Jesus - Moon Block Party - photo by Mike G.

The 2nd annual Moon Block Party has come and gone and I figured it best if I post some pictures I took there; just to help establish my alibi for the night. You know, just in case.

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The party went down in Pomona, CA. There were three stages of psychedelic bands of all persuasions, but I was pretty much at the Moon Stage all day, primarily because Blac Jesus & The Experimentalists kicked things off and I was hooked.

The fact that they were later followed by Juju and Dahga Bloom in back-to-back sets of noisy, swirling, heavy psychedelia is what kept me there. Both of those bands absolutely killed it, then SF’s own Sleepy Sun brought it all home. (Full disclosure: I also played a set with Al Lover & The Haters.)

Of course, had to pop down to the Sun Stage several times throughout the day, especially for Cosmonauts and Entrance Band. Good times.