Oakland electronic artist Space Ghost has just released his new LP, You’re There, and it’s pretty damn good. Nearly cushion-comfort relaxing, but with enough layered sound to keep your head nodding, each of the thirteen tracks gets the job done – regardless if the “job” is actual work or full blown laziness. Released on Brooklyn-based label Astro Nautico, You’re There is streaming in its entirety below, and is also available as a free download over on Bandcamp.

Sudi Wachspress is the man behind the moniker. In 2010, as a digital download, he made available his first collection of beats, calling it the Wallflower EP. A few other experimental EP’s followed, but Wallflower found its way to the ears of folks at The Fader, who promptly and positively posted about it. Two years later and Wachspress has delivered a “who the heck is THIS guy?!” album with You’re There. That question usually doubles as the perfect compliment for a beat-maker. Play this album for unfamiliar, music-loving ears, and we bet they’ll ask that too.