Dear Low End Theory: You’re killing it these days.

After the official San Francisco debut of the LA-born DJ/hip hop night in January featuring Daedelus and Baths, then Flying Lotus in March, now you have DJ Shadow? Two words: Hell. Yeah.

That’s right folks, DJ Shadow is playing the monthly Low End Theory SF show on July 6.

Here’s DJ Shadow’s immortal classic, “Building Steam with a Grain of Salt”, off of his debut album, Endtroducing….., released in 1996. Very much and oldie but goodie. As a guess, you probably can’t expect to hear this at the show, so all the more reason to listen to it now.

There are a ridiculous number of other performers that night. Odd Nosdam, Free the Robots, Teebs, and many more. Check them all out on Facebook.

DJ Shadow, Free the Robots, Teebs, Odd Nosdam, Ages, DJ Dials, Daddy Kev, Nobody, Nocando
103 Harriet
July 6, 2012
10pm, $20