Young Moon

Much of the press surrounding SF-based Young Moon‘s forthcoming release, Navigated Like the Swan (due July 24 on Western Vinyl), makes sure to note that Trevor Montgomery, the man behind the band, was influenced by John Hughes movies. Indeed, it’s hard to find fault with this writer, who pictures a Hughes-esque, contemplative, soul-searching montage when listening to Young Moon’s lead single, “Winds Light.”

I hear that.

I also hear Tunnel of Love-era Springsteen — especially in Montgomery’s deep baritone, which, if his bio is any indication, I imagine became coarse over a series of wild years. “Montgomery’s previous album The Trickster (St. Ives) was inspired by his youth, wandering in the woods, riding trains, taking meth and heavy psychedelics, and narrowly cheating death on more than one occasion,” according to Young Moon’s official Western Vinyl page. This is his first record as Young Moon.

But it’s more than Young Moon’s reverb-drenched snare hits, retro-synth tones and deep, gravely vocals that make me think of the Boss. It’s also his blue collar appeal. Montgomery keeps a roof over his head and food in his belly working as a tile setter. This is a man with hands rough enough to match his voice — a fact that lends an aura of authenticity to his lyrical tales of hard living and hard luck.

Check out “Winds Light” below.

Young Moon – “Winds Light”