In a fortuitous turn of events for everyone involved (including — perhaps especially — you and me), the guys from a video production crew called Glasnost NYC just so happened to be here in the Bay Area for the recent Ceremony show at 924 Gilman. The video they shot is as much a behind-the-scenes style live video about Cermony as it is an homage to the venerable all-ages, volunteer-run, old school Berkeley punk club.

Turns out that while it was coincidence that the filmmakers were in town and ready to shoot, it wasn’t all serendipity that made it happen. Glasnost NYC’s Jesse Miller-Gordon is a Berkeley native, and has known the guys in Ceremony since he was 15. “I heard about Ceremony coming together from all the North Bay kids talking about hearing them write the demo, hanging out at practice,” he says. “They were really engaging and special from their first performance on, and it’s been a lot of fun watching them do their thing over the years. Since I started Glasnost with my production partner Skye last year, I’d been itching to shoot with old friends, and to shoot at 924 Gilman in particular.”

Jesse got his wish, and the results speak for themselves. While it’s been a big year so far for the Rohnert Park-based hardcore band, it’s cool to see Ceremony keeping it real and honoring the scene they came out of.

Ceremony doesn’t have any West Coast dates on the horizon, but if you’re on the East Coast or in Australia, you can check them out soon. All their tour dates are listed on their website. Here’s the video for the song “Hysteria”, which you can hear them playing live in the video above. It’s from their latest album, Zoo, their first record released by Matador Records.