Soundwave Festival

The experimental sound project festival known as Soundwave will return to San Francisco this summer. Officially titled SOUNDWAVE ((5)) HUMANITIES, the festival takes place at multiple local venues in July, August, and September. Marquee events this year include:

  • July 5th: Soundwave ((5)) Opening Night Party at California Academy of Sciences’ NightLife — According to the press release, “futuristic space rock band Lumerians performs in the piazza, musician Matt Baldwin will play amongst the fish in the coral reef, and guitarist Danny Paul Grody will play the skies of the Aurora Borealis in a mini-planetarium, with DJ Tristes Tropiques and DJ Nihar spinning the night away with disco house/post-punk tunes.”
  • July 21: The Future Bionic at The Lab – “The Future Bionic looks into the future of the sonic human with audience-interactive performances featuring facial empathic scores, sonic masks, and techno-oracles. Nebraska artist Kreimer presents ‘Born Wireless’ creating scores from the human face and their emotional landscape with custom-built instruments to respond to audience facial expressions empathically, triggering sounds derived from human speech and the human body.”

And there’s plenty more — check out the full listings on the Soundwave website. Full festival passes are available for $89 or you can buy tickets to the individual shows as you please.