Thee Oh Sees

So, Thee Oh Sees have a new record coming out. Surprising? Nope. Exciting? Duh.

Since the project was begun by singer/songwriter/guitarist John Dwyer in 1997, the group has been nothing if not prolific. Wikipedia says they have 13 LPs, seven EPs and at least nine 7-inches. And over these 30-odd releases, the San Francisco psych-sultans have proven that quality and quantity can most certainly run hand in hand.

They’re good. And I think (I hope?) it’s safe to say that all of us over at the Bay Bridged are super stoked on this announcement: Thee Oh Sees’ 14th full-length, Putrifiers II, is set to be releases Sept. 11 on The Red Records.

I know. That’s a long ways away. But don’t trip. They’ll be playing The Woodsist Festival in Big Sur on August 5 and Outside Lands on August 10.

As fans of Thee Oh Sees know, the band has many speeds. Some tunes are positively frenetic and cacophonous. Others are experiments in moody noise, and some are straight-up psych-garage-pop-bop. Judging from the two “rough” cuts currently streaming on their website, Putrifiers II may bring all the Sees’ many shades into play. “So Nice” finds the group grooving over eastern sounding, droning string arrangements coupled with stripped down boom-bap tom-tom and snareless-snare beat, while “Lupine Dominus,” is all driving bass, up-tempo drumming and a beautiful tangle of whistling organ.

Check it: