Sunbeam Rd. has recorded a new album, BREATHERS, and they think it’s pretty good. They really want you to hear it. But they could use your help to make that happen, and they’ve started a Kickstarter so you can help them help you to their swirly psych pop sounds.

Of course, they don’t expect you to take their word for it that the album is good. They’ve provided proof: Check out the first single from BREATHERS, “Pro Wave Rider,” below, and the video for “Lucy” above.

Your generous donation will help them master the record, print album covers, and get it pressed on vinyl — which, if you just listened to “Pro Wave Rider”, you no doubt realize is the preferable way to experience BREATHERS. As a bonus, donate $15 or more and you get a set of exclusive remixes that are already in the works by the likes of Coolzey, Micron Diamond, Roommate, and more.