The Phenomenauts

Oakland’s fabled space-race rock n’ roll band, The Phenomenauts, have released a quickie video and track to The song, “I’m With Neil”, is an ode to astrophysicist (and frequent meme subject) Neil deGrasse Tyson, the coolest dude to ever explain things like wormholes and nebula formations in plain English and rock a celestial-themed woven vest at the same time. The band, longtime supporters of Tyson, said they wanted to make a song that would “encourage (their) fans to love him, too”, though many of them no doubt do already.

Check out the video below, which consists mostly of the band repeating an enthusiastic “Neil deGrasse Ty-so-on” chorus and partying in their West Oakland Command Center, interspersed with clips of Tyson doing what he does best: droppin’ some cosmic knowledge on y’all.