The Saturn Cafe spawns new life in Berkeley with the opening of the Space Lounge. The Santa Cruz-based vegetarian diner brought quite the interesting line-up to downtown Berkeley. With four Santa Cruz Brewery treats on tap, this could be the start of something great (and WAY past due in our supposedly progressive city). The show opened with Disappearing People, who apparently live next door to Greg Ashley in the Ghost Town Gallery. Greg mastered their recordings at his own amazing Creamery Studios. It’s guitar and drums. It’s psychedelic. It’s loud as fuck! They sounded better behind glass, and photographed better as well. Check them out at Vitus this Friday, June 15th. Bring earplugs.

Cracked Ice is the unlikely collaboration between Brian Glaze and the Duke of Windsor. Glaze is most famous for his drum work with the early Brian Jonestown Massacre, but that’s pretty ancient history. He has several great records of his own starting with his 2006 debut Let’s Go to the Sea. For now, he has put aside his former band, The Night Shift. The Duke of Windsor seems to pop up everywhere. He is most often about town as a dj, record collector and Norton motorcycle enthusiast. He hosts a variety of groovy music events around the Bay usually billed as ‘House of Windsor’ or ‘The Duke Presents’ shows. This is the first time I’ve seen him drumming. Standing, and with a focus on snare and floor-tom, he may be the next Moe Tucker (if Moe were tall and bearded).

This is the best picture I have taken of Greg Ashley (recognizing that it’s too dark, blurry and grainy). This was also Greg’s best show in the past several years. The boys were INTO it. They rocked all the Ashley Classics including “Apple Pie and Genocide,” “Corporation Station Agent,” “Fisher King” and “Pretty Belladona,” and even presented some spiffed-up covers of the Texas Tornados’ “Who Were You Thinking of (When We Were Making Love)” and Leonard Cohen’s “Memories.” Greg’s guitar took on a life of it’s own. Let us pray for moremoremore.