Pancho-san have a new record called American all recorded and mixed and mastered and ready to release. That should be happening any day now — certainly by the end of the month, according to singer/guitarist Patrick Abernethy.

In the meantime, catch them Saturday night, 6/16/12 at The Make-Out Room and enjoy this preview track, exclusively available right here on The Bay Bridged:

Pancho-san – “Americans Can’t Be Romantic”

If the quirky, synthy pop song that suddenly morphs into an acoustic-driven pop song that is “Americans Can’t Be Romantic” has you wondering just what you can expect from the new album, you’re in luck. I asked Abernethy the same thing, and I got answers. But, it turns out, the answers really pose many questions of their own.

According to Abernethy, he was drawing from a lot of influences when he wrote the songs, and many people who’ve listened to the album already have heard many different things:

It’s a summer record; dreamy, love songs, etc. Which is quite different from our last record. Also, I think there’s sort of a Brazilian pop aspect to it.

I have a hard time describing it… Maybe it’s a 50’s/90’s/Brazilian/naive/S.F. psych/love songs/indie/pop record.

Some other people have heard a little “Magnetic Fields meets Johnny Cash”, “Os Mutantes”, “Syd Barrett”, “George Harrison”, or “80’s Bowie”. I don’t know if it’s like any of those. They’re all things that were influences to one degree or another, so hopefully.

You’ll have your chance to decide what the album sounds like for yourself whenever it’s released (keep an eye on the Pancho-san Facebook page to be kept in the know), or head out the the Make-Out Room on Saturday, where you can be the judge at a definite place and time. Hudson Bell will also play. Show flyer after the jump.

Panhco-san, Hudson Bell
The Make-Out Room
June 16, 2012
7:30, $8