Evil Eyes

San Francisco based Evil Eyes is the brainchild of Tennnesse college friends Greg Mabry and Joe Frabotta. The duo had been planning on forming a band for several years, but never actually made music together until Mabry graduated from college and joined Frabotta in San Francisco last September. Since then, they’ve released an EP, two videos, and will soon release a 7″ single of “Over My Shoulder” and “Playing with Matches” on their own label, Eye in the Sky Records.

According to Mabry, “

[Evil Eyes] make music that would sound good coming out of the dashboard of an old convertible, driving across the desert at night.”

Based on what I’ve heard thus far, I can’t disagree. They recently added a female vocalist, Angelica Rockne (heard on “Over My Shoulder”), and are rehearsing for live dates they hope to have finalized soon. In addition to everything they’ve already released, they plan releasing another two-song vinyl single in late June and a full-length album in the fall.

If their current material is any indication, it will all definitely be worth watching out for. For now, check out Evil Eyes’ great new video for “Over My Shoulder,” which features nice shots of San Francisco, fantastic harmonies, jangly guitars, and plenty of delightful reverb. You can also stream or download Evil Eyes’ debut EP from their bandcamp page.