Buffalo Tooth is a new band featuring members of Poor Sons and Glitter Wizard. On June 13, 2012, the band is celebrating the release of their debut — a self-titled 7″ out the same day on Archer’s Guild — at The Elbo Room.

The 7″ consists of two scuzzy, bluesy garage punk tunes that sound retro without being just another throwback. These songs don’t sound like they’re from another era, they tap into some primordial psychedelic essence. It’s the sound a bunch of punk kids would make if they were hopped up on Blue Cheer and acid while thrashing it out in a basement somewhere in the late 70s.

As guitarist/singer Greg Downing says, “Our main goal is to cut the bullshit and shred, no filler!” Hear for yourself: Both songs from the 7″ can be streamed and purchased right here:

The Buffalo Tooth 7″ was recorded by Matthew Melton (formerly of Bare Wires, now of Warm Soda), with whom the band is also currently working on a full length. The band is planning to tour the West Coast in July, so stay tuned…

Buffalo Tooth, Uzi Rash, Poor Sons, Parmesans
Elbo Room
June 13, 2012
9pm, $5