Jail Weddings

Try Googling ‘Jail Weddings’. Just try. See how long it takes for all the ads in your Gmail and other Google-connected sources to change to ones for places that perform marriage ceremonies for the incarcerated.

It’s OK, though — it’s worth it. Nine members strong and on the rise, LA’s Jail Weddings are a truly ballsy blast of wailing vocals over deconstructed Brill-Building bombast. They sound so unusual, in fact, that if we didn’t know any better we would probably have started this write-up with “Only in San Francisco . . .”

Catch these guys while they’re hot — at the Hemlock Tavern this Wednesday. Check out the single from their newest EP, Four Future Standards, below.

Jail Weddings, Twin Steps, The Better Maker
Hemlock Tavern
June 13th, 2012
9pm, $7