Face to Face

On-again, off-again pop-punk progenitors Face to Face, reunited since 2008 and going strong, are on the road again and barreling towards the Bay Area as we speak. They’ve got not one, but two dates with us this week – Vice Ultra Lounge yesterday in cozy Walnut Creek and Slim’s tonight, 6/8/12. The Downtown Struts, a band that reads like a 2.0 upgrade of their touring partners (and a band that boasts two native sons of Northern California), join them.

After wrapping up their Bay Area appearances, Face to Face is continuing on to Canada and the East coast to play a series of unplugged shows, featuring songs from their 1999 all-acoustic album, Ignorance is Bliss.

Face to Face, The Downtown Struts
June 8th, 2012
8pm, $20