Maya Laner

What do you get when you combine a bottle of shampoo, a desk, a mattress, a pair of bare hands, and a catchy electro pop song? An incredibly entertaining stripped down surf rock cover of Grimes‘ “Oblivion” by Berkeley band Local Hero‘s crooning front woman Maya Laner.

Maya’s publicist confirmed in an email that the rhythm and percussion section of the cover really was mixed using the aforementioned elements. When you blend those with vocals that are already downright soothing and completely angelic it’s hard not to love the treatment she brings to this Grimes hit.

“I chose to cover Grimes primarily because I thought it would be an interesting challenge to revamp an electronic song,” Maya said. “I’ve also just been really enamored with her lately. She has a really unique sound and look, and I admire her a lot as a female solo artist.”

After Listening to this song I’m convinced that Maya Laner has a unique sound of her own. Her voice sounds a lot like Tennis’ Alaina Moore, soloist Cat Power, or the softer side of Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino; retro, smooth, and loaded with style. This cover makes me want to grab my longboard, a six pack of PBR, marshmellows, hershey bars, graham crackers and a pile of friends and host a big bonfire at Baker Beach just so we can listen to it on repeat while we eat s’mores and hug each other. Check it out.