Guantanamo Baywatch‘s Chevelle Wiseman was mysteriously strutting around Vitus on Saturday. I’ve been obsessed with the band since March. Their shows in Austin and soon after at Thee Parkside were perfectly nasty surf slime. Turns out she is on the road with Mean Jeans as the merch gurl. After modeling her spiffy minivan and stuffing her jean jacket with beer, I insisted on a quick tour of Jack London Square. We did a fly-by at Merchant’s Saloon and had drinks at Heinold’s First and Last Chance. Thankfully she will be back with the band June 14th at Oakland’s White Horse. Plan to be there (and start your night off 2 doors up at Down at Lulu’s where Uzi Rash’s Max Nordile will be showing his latest art!!) Could be the ultimate date night.

Portland’s Chemicals opened up night 3 of The Go! Go!. KMKLz wasted no time, turning the amps all the way up to melt faces with their patented chemical burn.

King Louie’s Missing Monuments
hail from Louisiana and bring new life to the flying V. King Louie founded the Royal Pendletons in 1991 (Alex Chilton produced the debut LP Oh Yeah, Baby). Later the King played with Jay Reatard in the Bad Times. There’s a refreshing southern fried edge to his garage goodies.

Seattle’s Unnatural Helpers stole the show thanks to the screaming drummer, blazing guitar and well-done harmonies. Put “Sunshine/Pretty Girls” on your summer mix tape and reap the rewards.

Portland’s Mean Jeans were nearly finished when we returned from Heinold’s. Chevelle says they rule and who am I to argue? With songs like “Let’s Pogo B4 U Gogo” they could be the new Ramones.

Oakland, New Jersey’s Personal and the Pizzas finished the crowd off. In what has been called their ‘last show’, the band provided a less greasy version of their original recipe.

Many thanks to 1-2-3-4 Go! Records for fulfilling all my fantasies.

The Go!Go! continues this Thursday at The White Horse with Uzi Rash, Twin Steps, Elvis Christ, White Fang, CCR Headcleaner and The Hussy! This Friday will be the final Go!Go! with Kings Tuff and Lollipop, Bobbyteens, Shannon & the Clams, and Hunx at New Parish. Buy tickets now!!