After eight years, two records, and more than 100 live shows, Boy in the Bubble—the brainchild of singer/songwriter and guitarist Josh Seidenfeld—is disbanding, and they’re celebrating in style with shows at the Make-Out Room this Saturday and at the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden in July.

The band is making merry because this breakup isn’t the result of personality conflicts or “creative differences.” No, it’s just a matter of changing priorities—an “evolution” of their lives.

Since Boy in the Bubble came to be in 2004, Seidenfeld met and married his wife and then saw the birth of their daughter just three weeks after the band released its second album, The King, in early 2010. After spending his days working for a SF-based cleantech PR firm, he has now elected to attend grad school on the East Coast, officially spelling an end to the band.

Boy in the Bubble – “In The Company Town”

“I’d always see bands die when someone has a kid and think that was so sad, and at first I worked really hard for that not to happen to me,” Seidenfeld recently told The Bay Bridged. “I never want to say to my kids, ‘There was this thing I really loved to do and then you came along and I stopped.’ But then I realized that as much as I love playing music with a band, the stuff going on at home was bringing me an incredible amount of joy, and I wanted to be present and contribute to our family as much as possible.”

But the move across the country and dissolution of his band won’t spell the end of Seidenfeld’s musical adventures. He continues to record, almost daily, and hopes to dig deeper into new material in the future. “I’ll always play music and write songs, and hopefully make albums,” Seidenfeld said. “Albums, cohesive collections of songs, are really special and I know I have a few more in me, so hope I can find the time to get them together properly and put them out in a way that a few people hear them.”

He also has designs to do a series of web videos featuring simple acoustic guitar versions of new material.

The band chose the Make-Out Room to stage their farewell to the City, selecting a venue that played host to many Boy in the Bubble memories. The final gig is outdoors at Cal’s Botanical Garden and starts early to allow for a more family-friendly atmosphere, keeping in line with Seidenfeld’s shifting life perspective.

Tickets to Saturday’s show are available at the door, and you can grab tickets to the Berkeley show by calling 510-643-2755, or by emailing While you’re waiting for the shows, check out Seidenfeld and company’s rendition of “Way Down” from the release show for their second and final LP, The King, at Bottom of the Hill back in February 2010:

Boy in the Bubble, Megafauna
Make-Out Room
May 26, 2012
7:30pm, $8

Boy in the Bubble (opening act TBA)
UC Berkeley Botanical Garden
July 5, 2012
5:30pm, Adult: $8, Member: $6, Youth: $5, Under 5: free