The NorCal rhythm is gonna get you! That’s right, the Cotati Sound Machine is back. Sort of.

The Rum Diary are playing a reunion show at this year’s C.A.M.P. festival. Let all who have missed the ethereal indie rock sounds of the Cotati-based band rejoice.

The coolest part is that if you’ve been dying inside every day since the band broke up in 2007 because you never got to hear your favorite Rum Diary song played live, this is your chance. They’re leaving the set list up to you: go fill out this survey and tell them what songs you want to hear.

I say it’s “sort of” a reunion show, however, because original drummer Joe Ryckebosch is not going to be playing, though it appears they did initially hope to have him there.

But Daniel Mckenzie and Jon Fee, who went on to start the indie post-rock band Shuteye Unison after The Rum Diary broke up, will be in full effect. Shuteye Unison drummer Jake Krohn will be filling in on the kit, which means it kinda still counts as a reunion of sorts because he did play in The Rum Diary for a short spell after Ryckebosch left the group. So it’s all good. “Shuteye Unison to me is basically the same band with a different drummer,” Daniel McKenzie told the Bohemian. “People just want to hear the old songs, you know?”

Get yer C.A.M.P. tix here. If The Rum Diary reunion isn’t enough to sell you, perhaps you can be swayed by the fact that it takes place over three days (July 20-22) up in Guerneville on the banks of the Russian River and is held on an abandoned amusement park lot…?

Here’s a retrospective video put together when The Rum Diary called it quits back in 2007.