Permanent Collection’s previous EP, last year’s Delirium (a solo effort from ex-Young Prism Jason Hendardy), was a reverb-heavy release that had some folks divided on whether it was an overdone mess or a dream-pop masterpiece.

Judging from the first track to be shared off of the debut LP set for an August 7 release on Hendardy and friends’ Loglady Records, Newly Wed Nearly Dead should satisfy both camps. The noise and atmosphere are still there, but Hendardy’s vocals emerge from the squall to complement the music, not get suffocated by it.

Perhaps it was the influence of three newly recruited band members — bassist Megan Dabkowski, guitarist Brenden Nerfa, and drummer Mike Stillman — or the recording/mastering assistance of Monte Vallier (of Swell/Half-Church and Ruminator Audio) and Kramer (Galaxie 500 and Low producer) for the sonic clarification, but either way, maybe we can stop referring to Permanent Collection as a Young Prisms spin-off and look forward to future offerings from this promising quartet.

Permanent Collection will be touring the Northwest with Terry Malts in June, from Portland to Vancouver (alas, no SF date as of yet.)