Adios Amigo have a new album called Dos coming out on June 1, and they’ve just premiered one of the album cuts, “Chicken”, via Prefix (but you can listen and download below).

Adios Amigo – “Chicken”

Prefix calls Adios Amigo “Psych-pop up-and-comers” and perhaps the up-and-comers bit is right, but I’m not sure about the psych pop. I’ve seen them live a couple times and I guess the tag is as apt as any, cuz mainly those kinda labels are made up anyway. But I’ve always gotten more of a folk rock vibe from them, and “Chicken” certainly bears that out, as it’s built around hushed vocals lines, shuffling drums, an acoustic guitar, and a banjo.

Come see them live for yourself at Du Nord at their record release party the same day the album comes out, June 1.

Adios Amigo, Annie Bacon and Her OSHEN, Al Lover & The Haters, My Second Surprise
Cafe Du Nord
June 1, 2012
8pm, $10